LIV Nutrition helps you live a wonderful life.

Our story: A personal mission to use the power of plats, to empower a better life and wellbeing, for as many people possible. 

LIV means life in Nordic Languages.

In modern-day life, the pace of change is picking up, and as citizens of a globally connected world, many people lead busy lives and struggle to keep up.

We are not pleading to slow down or to reprioritize this kind of lifestyle, rather, we wish to offer you high quality, plant-based supplements and CBD oils, to help you restore balance from within, obtain energy, ensure mental clarity, boost your immune system, and balance out any stressor in your body.

Our mission

We make pure high-quality, CBD products inspired by nature, designed for a better life.

Our mission is to inspire and enhance the mindset, of as many people possible, for you to become the best version yourself.

We believe that natural and pure ingredients, should be the primary source of nutrition, for us to function at our highest level, which is why we have created LIV nutrition. We wish to set the highest standards in our field of supplements and CBD oils, which is why, all our oils are 100% Organic, GMP certified, ethically sourced, vegan, sustainable and our manufacturing facility is BCR to GFSI standard - which is the highest-grade standard for ingestible.

Sourced directly from nature - Backed by science.

We have taken a holistic approach to the supplement industry, to protect our planet as well as our bodies.

Not only do we create products that elevate and enhance your overall health and well-being, but we also want to ensure that the making of our products doesn’t create any harm on our planet.

Sustainability is a core priority for us, which is why we're taking a strong leadership position in reducing the supplement industry's environmental footprint.

Our goal is to bring the plastic use to absolute minimum, because of the severe environmental consequences it has on our planet.

We use only environmentally friendly packaging.

LIV Nutrition is essentially all you need.

LIV Nutrition has developed three CBD oils for optimal health and wellbeing.

Our products are sourced directly from nature - and backed by science.

Making a conscious choice to make it simple and pure is our core priority. Our CBD oils are THC-free and combined with the high-quality vitamins, antioxidants, herbs and botanicals, to optimize the effect and benefit of the CBD.

Our goal is to provide you high-quality, natural products, in order to create harmony and balance, within the body and to promote optimal health and wellbeing.